Stables for horses

Stables for horses

Mobile boxes

Mobile boxes, tournament boxes EURO fulfill all the EU regulations and suggestions for horse stables, both in exterior and interior. They have wide range of use: exhibitions, tournaments and sanitary boxes. Metal construction and joining components are galvanized and inner box is equipped with Finnish plywood of the thickness of 15 mm. Inner size of one box is 3 x 3m.

Four – box EURO

The base is composed by four boxes. Another boxes can be added. Entrance and exit area can be equipped with a shelter and a lockable gate. The shelter is produced from tarpaulin.Uzavřený mobilní 4 box

Double-box EURO II

Double-box is sheltered with a tarpaulin or polycarbonate with UV filter. The polycarbonate roof can be used year-round.Mobilní 2 box

Interior of the stables

Design of interior

Our experienced technicians will design interior of the boxes in accordance with the customers requirements and space available. We can provide you with a 3D design.

Inner boxes

The standard constructions are galvanized. inner box is equipped with oak planks of 40 mm thickness, spring x groove with cut down edge. Boxes can be equipped with a feeding hole and galvanized manger.Vnitřní stáje

Sanitary boxes

The construction is galvanized. The inner box is equipped with plastic desks, spring x groove.Sanitární boxy

Replicas of historical boxes

Constuction is done in accordance with requirements and conditions

Stable technology not only for horses

In cooperation with zoos and construction companies we implement indoor and outdoor housing projects for various animal farms.

Parts of the constructions

Stable windows

Metal components are galvanized, window is equipped with a removable grating and perspex. Standard size is 120 x 80 cm or non-standard size in accordance with the customer demands.Stájová okna

Stable (paddock) door

Standard size of the door is 1200x2200 mm. The doors are devided in the middle of heigh. The upper part is equipped with a removable grating and perspex. The lower part is made of oak wood of thickness 28mm. All metal parts are galvanized.Stájové paddockové dveře

In accordance with the customer demands we also produce non-standard sizes of parts.Stájová vrata


Contact person for Stables for horses

Ing. Pavla Holanová Ing. Pavla Holanová +420 722 157 806