VPP Group PLC is a building company in Velim that realizes its own projects all around the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. It is the general supplier of many important building projects.

For the company we design and produce building constructions such as banisters, frames for air-conditioning, constructions of steel mattings, window grating and so on.


  • Reconstruction of stables in Kladruby nad Labem, which is part of the Czech national heritage in the years 2014 – 2015. Design, production and assembly of replicas of historical horse boxes, reconstruction (overhauling) of the original technology and design of new constructions in the same historical style, all in accordance to the historical office demands.
  • Reconstruction of building of elementary school in Nučice. Delivery of new banisters and adjustments of the original banister, non-typical wire mats, special outside benches made out of oakwood, school lockers made out of wire mash, benches and school lockers, frames for air-conditioning, gates with a drive and so on.